Sass & Bide’s Seekerstate Collection

Sass & Bide is one of Australia’s most beloved fashion houses. Known for their creative use of large patterns, vibrant colors, and bold cuts, Sass & Bide is taking the fashion industry by storm with their carefree and confident sense of style. So, who are the masterminds behind the Sass & Bide name? That would be best friends Sarah- Jane Clarke (sass) & Heidi Middleton (bide), who left their day job as an accountant and advertising art director to pursue their love for fashion. Middleton and Clarke boldly state that “Sass & Bide is dedicated to the strong, the obscure & the beautiful.” Which is a solid mantra they stick to in each collection, most recently, their Autumn / Winter 2012 collection called Seekerstate. The collection includes an exciting series of shorts and pants, over sized draped jackets, silky satin tops, and pieces that are playful when it comes to scale and proportion. It’s not often that one gets to peek inside the shop itself to see where these garments are being designed, but The ladies from Sass & Bide let us have a glimpse! Scroll down to check out the inside of their workroom where the collection was created.

Source – Knstrct


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