Osthang / Daniel Fagerberg Arkitekter

The Osthang ski resort was initiated in April 2006. Working closely with the client, we led a record pace design and construction phase where the first flats were handed over in April 2007. Osthang is located in Ramundberget ski resort, towards the Norwegian border in Härjedalennorth westsweden. The five houses clings on to the steep Osthang cliff from where you have a magnificent view towards the surrounding mountain peaks. The site plan originates from the traditional base-court typology that provides Härjedalen with its special rural character. We have organized the buildings along the hillside forming this courtyard with the gables. The project includes four buildings divided in three apartments over two floors and a loft, and an additional house with two apartments. The design is based on an iconographic interpretation of the traditional loft shed. The buildings are constructed of cross laminated timber with fir panelling, like a modern version of the old timber houses. We thought of a solid block of wood that grows up from the terrain and then carved and undermined to make way for the program. Clean, simple details in the meeting between the wood and frameless glazing provide a flush facade, free from disturbing lining and trim.

Source – Archdaily


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