Prada Menswear Fall Winter 2012

Miuccia Prada set the theme for her namesake designer label’s Fall/Winter runway show with a massive 20×35 meter red carpet echoing a conference hall where diplomats and military elite would once negotiate the worlds fate at the turn of the century. Bringing about that inspiration to the design room, Prada’s collection offers a dose of modernity to menswear from the 1920s, presenting subdued grey-scale suiting with burgundy, plum and brown accents, close to the body cuts, as well as plenty of topcoats and double-breasted jackets. “A parody of male power,” declared by Miuccia backstage, nothing was as it seemed as formal attire that looked wool was actually cut from denim, shirts provided hidden rows of American football helmets or feathered Native American headdresses and tailored topcoats woven in jacquard looked more like silk bathrobes. In a fitting end, the Italian fashion house commission award-winning actors including Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, and Jamie Bell to walk the red carpet as if following a secret script. A meticulously designed show from the floorspace to the attire of course, Prada continues to inspire and create ingenious collections year after year.

Source – Hypebeast


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