Dark Skinned Light-Flooded Lake House in Nevada:

Ever thought about building a home dark on the outside and filled with light on the inside? The Lake House is a perfect example of how these two elements can be successfully joined to shape a fantastic contemporary residential building. Designed by San Francisco-based Mark Dziewulski Architects, the home was initially called the Cliff House, but the current owners refers to it as “The Lake House”. The 8,694 square foot home is made out of three main building materials: concrete, steal and glass. It took four years to complete this stunning residence and the architects designed the five stories in such a manner that the light-flooded interior spaces get the best views from the nearby Lake Tahoe. The four bedroom, four bathroom home, resting on a half acre property benefits from exciting moments spent by the private pier. Exceptional details like the glass elevator and stairwell make the home more than a comfortable collection of modern spaces – they transform it into a breathtaking contemporary home. Located in Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Nevada, the luxurious waterfront home is offered at $43 million, but its architectural and design details offer inspiration for free. My favorite space in this house is the pure white laundry room with the bicycle table in the middle.

Source – Freshome


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