smart for-us – The Urban Pickup

Also presented during the 2012 Detroit Auto Show was the smart for-us, an interesting concept for the city, both energy efficient, ideal for the city and other terrains, and yet with plenty of space to cover all your needs.

“For the first time, the smart for-us translates the practical load layout of a pickup to the reality of 21st century urban traffic. With its small outside dimensions, it could almost go unnoticed in the bed of a typical American pickup. Under the body, it’s anything but ordinary: the for-us is agile and lively to drive, with state-of-the-art all-electric power from a 55- kilowatt magneto-electric motor.

The smart for-us has plenty of room for two people and behind them two slits in the cargo bed for the front wheels of two smart ebikes. Electric bikes are range-extending in two respects; The convenient docking station in the cargo bed ensures that the ebike batteries are always charged, and from a trip into town to a nature preserve outing, the smart ebikes enable smart for-us passengers to reach destinations that are out of bounds for cars – for example, park trails and restricted zones in cities.”

Featured on the back of the smart for-us is the new smart ebike, in case you were wondering.

Take a further look at the fun pickup after the jump.

Source – Highsnobiety


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