Small Japanese House Design in Tokyo by Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita

This is the great small Japanese houses interior design. With the natural wood floor designs, although this house that basically has the small size, but irregularly shaped lot. Depending on view point as seen as the picture, this is the contemporary and elegant Japanese house because from the shape it looks like a bulky camper van about to take off. Aware that the site is too small and the wrong way from home, the giant stuffed the house right on the site by force. The fantasy of this beautiful residence is a large part of its charm. At the same time, the house is also an elegant expression of modern Japanese minimalism, and an example of brilliant use of a small site, a requirement in the limited space in central Tokyo architecture. It seems to be the result of giant’s frustrated attempt to fashion a house from a square box, what a rare design! Do you interest with small modern Japanese house design? Take a look at these photos! Atelier Tekuto


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