Nikon 4D Digital SLR – Ethernet Cable Tethered Function | Video

Legions of professional photographers still swear by the reliability their Canon EOS. Though its closest competitor, Nikon, been gnawing away those allegiances the last few years with innovative functions. Features like dual slots for Compact Flash media in case of “overshooting” the maximum image capacity to the ethernet port on its latest DSLR camera, the Nikon 4D. With a high speed ethernet cable tethered to camera during a photo/video session, photographer and videographer alike can streamline their digital workflow. They can even control adjustments on the 4D via Apple iPad, thus be more involve in the actual “photo process” without being stuck behind the camera. See as Nikon technicians demonstrate the ethernet function on the video after the jump. via: Engadget


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Source – Freshnessmag


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