Get ready to rock with a full-size drum learning experience for iPad.

Ready to become a drummer? You need DRUM MASTER, a full-size electronic drum set with lighted pads and a built-in dock for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. This incredible drum learning station has six great-feeling drum and cymbal pads that light up, allowing you to follow along and learn to rock out like a pro.

DRUM MASTER comes with a FREE instructional app to teach you essential drumming skills. Combined with DRUM MASTER’s light-up pads, this free app makes learning to play quick, easy and best of all, fun! With DRUM MASTER, you’ll be pounding out great beats right away. Don’t worry about playing too hard—DRUM APPRENTICE comes complete with a hefty rack that can handle everything you’ve got. Along with DRUM MASTER’s velocity-sensitive pads, you get heavy-duty hi-hat and bass drum pedals to allow you to learn and create awesome rhythms and play along with all of your favorite songs. Plus, DRUM MASTER works with GarageBand® and tons of other Core MIDI compliant apps!

Ready to rock? DRUM MASTER from ION is the best place to start.


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