The H House

The H House in Maastricht, Netherlands was designed by German-based Wiel Arets Architects and it is the ideal home for the artistically inclined owners. Although the home was built in suburban area, its minimal structure fits in the existing environment without the sacrifice of desired contemporary architecture.

Minimal use of walls in interiors emphasizes the volumes of space, creating the effect of uninterrupted flow. Edited color palette consisting primarily of various shades of white provides soothing backdrop for the play of light and shadows, formed by the geometry of large windows and strong angles of interior structure. Seamless transition is further supported by the use of glass throughout, differentiating in its shape, transparency and opacity. Very interesting staircase floats above the ground and even more supports the careful definition of space.

I love the combination of minimal interiors covered in white and of bold, lush green landscape on the outside. It is a successful combination of client’s preferred taste, necessary function, and existing surroundings. Perfect blend of interiors, architecture and landscape.

Source – Minimalissimo


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