Acura NSX Concept

Unveiled today at NAIAS in Detroit is the new Acura NSX Concept, a supercar slated for sale in 2014. Sporting a 400 hp engine with a hybrid SH-AWD drivetrain, the sexed-up model is meant to combine green ideology with hedonistic performance. The current NSX is a revival of the suspended version that first established Acura in the luxury scene during the ’90s. Though the original enjoyed pop culture appearances galore, the line faltered in the early 2000s. The brand has long struggled with sales of recent models, but the NSX seems poised to put Acura back on the map.

The release of a high-performance model has been long in the making, with plans for an even more powerful V10 NSX abandoned as a result of the recession. The current version includes a direct-injected V6, dual clutch transmission and electric motor that work in conjunction for impressive acceleration and efficiency. For cornering ability, the new model uses a Bilateral Torque Adjustable Control System to create positive or negative torque on the front wheels. The rare combination of environmental considerations and next-generation performance aims to anticipate a shift in the expectations of a supercar.

Many details remain to be seen regarding the final product. The materials used for the lightweight body weren’t specified, and performance specs including fuel economy and acceleration haven’t been released. The NSX is set to be manufactured in Ohio, a move that will hopefully breath some new life into the perpetually troubled American auto industry. This is the sort of brand revival that can potentially be a major game changer within the industry, so we’re anxious to see where Acura takes it from here.

Source – Cool Hunting


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